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Limb Preservation Solution

Our physicians utilize the most advanced interventional limb preservation techniques to restore blood flow to the affected wound tissues. As a result of this, we are able to treat and heal most chronic wounds and save limbs for our clients.

About 150,000 Americans undergo leg or foot amputations every year mostly due to poor circulation caused by Prereferral Vascular Disease (PVD). Eight to 12 million Americans – one in 20 who are 50 or older – have PVD, in which plaque builds up in blood vessels in the legs, decreasing blood flow. Because amputation has such a negative impact on not only quality of life – but life itself, half of those patients who have an amputation die within 18 months.

Most recently, there has been a revolution in endovascular therapy and physicians are able to treat calcified smaller vessels, meaning they can significantly improve blood flow and save limbs that once were not considered salvageable.

The primary cause of these lesions is ischemia, or insufficient blood supply. If a healthy person stubs their toe or gets a blister on his/her foot, it heals up in no time. However, if the blood vessels that deliver oxygen, nutrients, and infection-fighting immune cells to the injury site are compromised, healing becomes next to impossible. Lesions get larger and deeper, and after a time, the surrounding tissues shrink, turn black, and take on a “mummified” appearance. At this point, you have a real problem.

When oxygen is inhaled under pressure, it dissolves in all of the body’s fluids, so it can easily be delivered—even to areas with inadequate blood flow. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) also stimulates angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels), the production of growth factors, and the mobilization of stem cells. Together, these mechanisms have a dramatic impact on ischemic wounds. Studies show that HBOT increases the “limb preservation rate” (avoidance of amputation) from 61 percent with conventional treatment to 89 percent!